Old Town Antique Mall

Janice Munro distributes the goods in front of Gasoline Alley, one of our many fine local Antique malls here in Grants Pass, Oregon!

On Halloween of each year the merchants of downtown Grants Pass usually stay open a little bit longer than usual as they entertain trick-or-treaters, the youth of Josephine County (some more youthful than others, to be sure...) decked in all manner of festive costumery, make-up and vintage attire, typically flocking to the core of the historic district in the thousands.  Besides providing an especially safe trick-or-treating environment for the children of Grants Pass, the kids from surrounding rural areas are especially enthusiastic—glad to have anywhere to trick or treat at all!

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Trick-or-Treating in downtown Grants Pass


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...and as the sun sinks low beyond the Kalmiopsis in the West, the thoughts of children echo those of their 19th-century gold mining predecessors: "Where to prospect for the next lode...?"

Washington Avenue, anyone?


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